Learn more about the EARN token design and its utilities
Overview of the token mechanics, incentives and its use in the ecosystem.
Value generation flow for $EARN:
EARN Token utilities in the ecosystem:
  1. 1.
    Platform Fees distribution:
    • Incentives - Part of all platform fees will be used to further incentivse both Pool Creators and Liquidity Providers to continuously create new offers and provide capital. The pool of funds kept here will also be used to engage and grow the community. New partnerships with Curve, Balancer and many other projects will be possible due to the funds stored in this bucket.
    • Treasury - Part of all platform fees will be used to continue developing the platform, build new features, maintain the infrastructure and so on.
    • $EARN Token Buyback - Part of the platform fees will be used to purchase the EARN token from the market.
    • $EARN Staking Pool - Stakers gain part of the fees by staking their token. Additional benefits, such as exclusive pools and others, will be implemented in the next iterrations.
  2. 2.
    Payment in the ecosystem - For payments in the ecosystem you will be able to use the $EARN token to get lower fees (example: when deploying your pool and using the $EARN token for the payment you will pay a smaller fee).
  3. 3.
    Higher yield when claiming interest in $EARN - Whenever a user decides to claim the yield in the form of the $EARN token (as opposed to in a native token) we will reward them with a higher yield - we will reduce the charged fee to boost the yield received by the user.
  4. 4.
    Promotional spots bidding - Pool creators will have an option to pay with the $EARN token to bump visibility of their offers on the platform in promoted spots (eg. Homepage, Top offer in a given category).
Please note, $EARN will have no inflation mechanism and therefore the staking yield will be paid directly from platform fees. With this decision, we commit ourselves and the community to work together to adequately deliver what is in line with the general effect of the platform performance.