Key Features

What makes the Earn Network's Restaking product ideal for you.

Access to over 20 blockchain networks

Tendermint based blockchains (Cosmos ecosystem networks) form the first batch of supported chains available on the Earn Network. To check all available assets, simply visit the Earn Network homepage and go to the Restaking category.

The easiest restaking experience for both new and advanced users

The Earn Network's mission is to onboard the next billion users to DeFi and beyond. User experience forms one of the most important foundations of our product. The entire process is fast, easy and accesssible via mobile. Additionally, you're able to easily contact our Live Chat if you experience a problem on any step of your journey.

Frequent restaking with extra rewards

To reach maximum rewards and the highest yield possible you must compound your rewards. Earn Network's integrated module called Authz (officially supported by the Tendermint and Cosmos ecosystems) is doing just that on your behalf. Moreover, with the extra added bonuses which the Earn Network will provide (through marketing campaigns), you will be earning maximum rewards across the ecosystem.

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