Future Developments

Earn Network's future plans on how to enhance the Restaking Product even more.

Onboarding validators onto the Earn Network platform

With every enabled network we will be gradually onboarding new validators to make them available on the platform. Various criteria will be taken into consideration to provide the best product experience possible for Earn Network users.

Revenue sharing with validators

Implementation of revenue sharing will increase the $EARN staking rewards that will go to the main $EARN staking pools (effectively to $EARN stakers). Such a mechanism will provide mutual benefits for validators, delegators, the Earn Platform and most importantly, the $EARN token holders.

Allowing users to delegate across multiple validators

More advanced users may wish to split their delegation across multiple validators. This could be driven by the decision to support better decentralization by choosing multiple validators or speculating which one will produce the most rewards in the future.

Providing extra benefits and rewards to delegators

The upcoming enhancements are set to revolutionize the way rewards are distributed to delegators. This feature is designed to incentivize community engagement, including various projects and validators, by allowing them to append additional rewards for users who stake through our dApp. Significantly, this upgrade will enable the addition of both tokens (ERC-20) and NFTs (ERC-721, ERC-1155) as rewards for delegators. These can be tailored based on specific conditions, such as the amount of claimed funds or the duration of the delegation period.

Enabling another blockchain into the Earn Network platform

The Cosmos ecosystem is the first to be available on the Earn platform with over 20 assets. By the end of 2023, we aim to have over 35 delegated blockchains. If you are already an active delegator to any network: let us know which network we should add to our Restaking Roadmap.

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