Benefits for the Projects

The core benefits that come to crypto projects by deploying staking pools for their tokens on the DeFi Staking solution.

Increased token demand

Crafting a compelling and rewarding offer can motivate users to purchase your tokens, thereby fostering deeper engagement within your ecosystem. This not only drives buy pressure on your token, but also enhances its overall market presence and liquidity.

Removed selling pressure

By utilizing staking pools, your tokens are effectively locked, preventing them from being sold and thereby reducing the sell pressure. Having your asset staked, ensures a more stable token supply, enhancing the token's value and investor confidence over time.

Cost and time savings

By launching staking with the Earn Network, coin developers can save significant costs on developing and auditing their own smart contracts. The Earn Network provides a secure and audited staking infrastructure, eliminating the need for developers to invest time and resources in building their own from scratch. This cost-effective solution allows projects to allocate their budgets and time to other important areas of development.

Community contributed rewards

Possibility of adding extra rewards to your staking pool make it even more attractive to investors. In this mutually beneficial way, projects could now collaborate with third party companies to reward only the most engaged users while locking part of the supply, thus reducing the sell pressure for the token.

Marketing campaign opportunities

DeFi staking pools offer an excellent opportunity for collaboration with partners, facilitating the creation of diverse campaigns. The ability to add extra rewards and limit access to specific user groups enables pool creators to tailor unique incentives. This flexibility not only enriches the staking experience but also serves as a dynamic marketing tool, attracting targeted engagement and fostering strategic partnerships.

Expanded audience reach

By integrating with Earn Network's DeFi Staking, a token gains exposure and access to a huge niche audience, resulting in greater visibility of the project. Through the Earn Network and its partner platforms, developers can connect with many enthusiastic stakers who are actively seeking new opportunities for yield generation. This expanded audience provides projects with increased visibility, liquidity and potential for growth.

Diverse rewarding mechanisms

The Earn Network's DeFi staking offers pool creators the choice between two reward options: Locked and Flexible. With these options, projects have the freedom to set various parameters such as: staking duration, penalties, maximum stake amount, whitelisted participants and more. This flexibility allows projects to tailor their staking mechanisms to best suit their specific requirements.

Clear user interface

The Earn Network's DeFi Staking platform offers a ready-to-use user interface, that simplifies the staking process for users and enhances the overall experience. A user-friendly interface boosts staking amounts and increases conversion rates, resulting in higher engagement and participation from the staking community.

Technical support and custom improvements

Pool creators partnering with the Earn Network receive full technical support and assistance throughout the integration process. The Earn Network team is committed to helping developers optimize their staking solutions and address any technical challenges that may arise. Additionally, developers have the opportunity to request custom improvements and tailor the platform to their specific needs.

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