Key Features of DeFi Staking

Earn Network's DeFi Staking unlocks unique, secure opportunities for users to grow their digital assets. With innovative features, it stands as a top-notch rewarding platform in the DeFi space.

Variety of pools

Within the expansive ecosystem of Earn Network's DeFi Staking, a standout feature for stakers is the unparalleled variety of pools. The platform's robust infrastructure not only simplifies the creation and enhancement of staking pools by allowing anyone to launch or add rewards but also ensures a seamless staking experience across the most popular blockchain networks. Continuously expanding, the Earn Network is committed to increasing accessibility and diversity, making it a premier choice for users seeking flexibility and a wide array of earning opportunities.

Simplified yield generation

The Earn Network revolutionizes how you earn from your assets by introducing single-sided staking, which is more user-friendly than traditional DeFi protocols involving complex derivatives or liquidity providing. Through the Creator's Lab, anyone can easily participate in staking pools with any token, bypassing the costly development typically required. This simplification not only makes staking accessible, but also invites a wider range of assets into the ecosystem, expanding opportunities for passive income across the DeFi landscape.

Multichain rewards

DeFi Staking's multi-chain reward system offers the unique ability to simultaneously earn from multiple blockchains within a single staking pool. This broadens your investment scope by allowing portfolio diversification across different networks, while streamlining the collection of rewards in one convenient location.

Extra community rewards

Reward providers on the Earn Network bring additional value to staking pools with extra rewards and various campaigns. Each staking pool may include extra rewards such as tokens and NFTs for community members actively contributing to the pool. These additional rewards that could be added by anyone, not only make staking of your favorite asset more rewarding, but also foster stronger ties between the community.

Various rewarding solutions

The Earn Network's DeFi Staking platform enriches the staking experience with a wide range of rewarding options, each tailored to meet the unique preferences and strategies of every user. This flexibility ensures participants can select mechanisms that best align with their investment goals.

Rewarding methods: Flexible Wise: In flexible pools, rewards dynamically adjust with market conditions, allowing you to earn without lock-in requirements and accumulate earnings continuously, second by second.

Locked Wise: Locked staking ensures a fixed reward rate and eligibility for flexible rewards, requiring tokens to be locked for a set period to access stable and additional earnings.

Reward types:

Token Rewards: Earn traditional ERC-20 token rewards from a selection of popular cryptocurrencies or specific project tokens, each offering potential for value appreciation. NFT Rewards:

Collect unique digital assets in the form of ERC-721 or ERC-1155 tokens, adding a layer of rarity and exclusivity to your staking rewards.

Reward availabilities:

Public Rewards Public rewards are available to anyone who will stake their funds for a locked or flexible period while meeting with rewards requirements. Restricted Rewards The most lucrative rewards are often restricted by holding a specific NFT, to ensure that only qualified users could acquire them.

User-friendly interface

The Earn Network offers an intuitive and straightforward platform, making DeFi staking accessible to all. With a clear view of potential rewards, users can effortlessly calculate the optimal amount and duration for staking, ensuring a tailored experience. This simplicity is complemented by the ability to easily stake, unstake and claim rewards, streamlining the entire process for maximum convenience.

Decentralized and self-custodial

Leveraging decentralized smart contracts, the Earn Network's DeFi Staking solutions are rooted in transparency and security, giving users complete control over their assets. This trustless, self-custodial approach is complemented by real-time visibility into staking operations, enhancing user confidence and autonomy in managing their investments.

Thoroughly audited

The Earn Network ensures that all of its DeFi smart-contracts are thoroughly checked by trusted external companies. This auditing process is crucial because it helps gain users' trust by ensuring that their staked assets are safe and protected from potential risks. By being transparent and accountable, the Earn Network is committed to securing its stakeholders' investments.

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