Benefits for the Reward Providers

The core benefits for reward providers integrating their rewards into the NFT Staking ecosystem.

Acquiring new token holders

By offering rewards in DeFi staking pools, you not only incentivize user engagement but also attract new token holders, increasing on-chain transactions and enhancing token usability. This strategy serves as a gateway to gaining dedicated supporters who invest in your token, contributing to sustained growth and a broader holder base.

Enhanced visibility of your asset

Your rewards gain unparalleled exposure to an active staking community within the Earn Network, ensuring that every pool user becomes aware of your offerings. This visibility acts as a powerful marketing tool, attracting numerous active stakers and spotlighting your rewards to an engaged audience.

Rewarding only engaged users

Unlike traditional airdrops, providing rewards through DeFi staking pools ensures that only genuinely engaged users receive your incentives. This method filters out passive collectors, directing your rewards to those who actively participate and contribute to the ecosystem, enhancing the value and impact of your contributions.

Creating custom incentives

You can create rewards that are unlocked through certain criteria, like holding a specific NFT, or future conditions, such as social engagement or being whitelisted. This approach not only elevates the user experience but also strengthens the bond between your audience and your project, encouraging focused engagement and building loyalty.

Variety of pools to choose from

As a reward provider, you have the liberty to precisely select which staking pools to support with your rewards. This selective approach allows you to align your incentives with pools that resonate with your objectives or target audience, ensuring your rewards contribute to the growth and engagement of communities you wish to support.

Broaden your reach across various blockchains

With the Earn Network, adding your custom asset as a reward is straightforward and quick, across almost any blockchain. This multi-chain capability ensures your rewards reach a broad audience, increasing the visibility and adoption of your assets without the limitations of a single ecosystem.

Depending on secure and trusted solutions

Leveraging the Earn Network for your reward distribution means relying on a secure and trusted platform. This confidence comes from the network's commitment to safety and reliability, ensuring that your rewards are delivered efficiently and securely, preserving the integrity of your incentives and the trust of your recipients.

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