Category Status: 🟢 Live, Launched: Beginning of Apr '24.

The Earn Network introduces DeFi Staking 2.0, a versatile platform that allows for single-sided staking of diverse assets, including tokens and NFTs, to expand opportunities within decentralized finance. This unique feature means you only need to stake one asset to earn multiple rewards, even across different blockchains, thanks to our cross-chain reward system. Longer staking periods are rewarded with higher returns, simplifying the way users can grow their investments. Additionally, the Earn Network is a community-driven platform, encouraging everyone to create their own pools and contribute rewards. This approach emphasizes the platform's commitment to innovation and ease of use, making it the perfect tool for improving your staking strategy.

DeFi Staking 2.0 benefits on the Earn Network:

  • Broad Staking Assets and Network Support: DeFi Staking seamlessly integrates with numerous base-layer networks and a diverse range of projects, providing users with the flexibility to stake their chosen digital tokens. The platform is committed to expansion, consistently adding more assets and networks, ensuring the product stays competitive and up to date.

  • Diverse Rewarding Methods: Users have the flexibility to choose for how long they want to stake their tokens based on their individual needs and investment strategy, catering to both short-term and long-term investors.

  • Seamless Creation of Staking Pools: Everyone can create a staking pool through the Creator's Lab and equip any token with the seamless staking solution. This feature is revolutionizing the way how projects could launch staking, while saving a lot of effort on development.

  • Additional Rewards: Every pool on DeFi staking is equipped with the possibility of providing additional rewards to the staking pools by anyone interested in doing so. This way, projects could airdrop their tokens or NFTs only for active DeFi users that would bring the most value to the project. After meeting requirements, rewards will be available to claim by the pools users in one transaction on each chain.

  • Multichain Reward Capabilities: To ensure that the pools are diverse and attractive to as many users as possible, DeFi staking rewards could be earned on different chains at the same time. Such interoperability adds a lot of value to the whole ecosystem by crossing them and using multiple blockchains within the same staking pool.

  • Community Engagement Gateway: DeFi Staking acts as a channel to increase community interaction, helping projects increase user engagement and community growth. Using built-in tools, Reward Providers can limit access to additional rewards by setting certain restrictions, such as holding a specific token or campaign participation.

  • Robust Security: The Earn Network employs audited smart contracts for all staking processes, offering robust security that gives both users and projects peace of mind regarding the safety of their investments and operations.

  • Cost Efficiency: Our DeFi Staking solution aids projects in achieving their objectives faster, thus saving them time, costs and efforts while increasing their ability to offer yield-earning services to their audiences.

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