Benefits for Projects

The core benefits that come to crypto projects by deploying staking pools for their NFTs on the Earn Network.

Locking NFT supply

Staking NFTs within pools effectively locks them, preventing premature sales and stabilizing their market presence. This not only preserves the rarity and value of your NFT collections but also builds confidence among collectors and investors, enhancing the perceived value of your digital art and collectibles over time.

Boosting NFT demand

Crafting a compelling and rewarding offer can motivate users to purchase your tokens, thereby fostering deeper engagement within your ecosystem. This not only drives buy pressure to your token, but also enhances its overall market presence and liquidity.

External rewards enhancement

Adding rewards from third-party providers to your NFT staking pool significantly increases its attractiveness. By partnering with other organizations to introduce exclusive rewards, you can drive stronger engagement and build a loyal community, all while upholding the uniqueness of your NFTs.

Customizable staking solutions

Earn Network's NFT Staking enables creators to design staking pools with specific parameters, catering to the unique needs of each NFT project. Whether it's setting lockup periods or customizing reward mechanisms, this flexibility allows for a tailored approach to enhancing the staking experience for your community.

Cost savings

Utilizing the Earn Network's established infrastructure for NFT staking offers significant savings on the time and expenses typically required for creating and securing custom smart contracts. This efficient and secure framework allows you to allocate more resources to developing and marketing your NFT project, ensuring a smarter use of your budget.

Enhanced user interface

The Earn Network's NFT Staking platform is designed to be incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for collectors to engage with your NFTs. This seamless experience promotes active participation and enhances overall engagement, offering benefits to both the creators by fostering a vibrant community and the collectors by providing an enjoyable staking process.

Technical support and custom improvements

NFT project developers receive comprehensive support from the Earn Network, ensuring smooth integration and optimal functionality of staking solutions. The platform is open to customizations, allowing projects to request features that best align with their vision and community needs.

Expanded audience reach

Integrating with the Earn Network exposes your NFT project to a wider audience of enthusiasts and collectors, significantly boosting visibility. Access to Earn Networkโ€™s expansive community of engaged users presents invaluable opportunities for growth and increased collector interest in your NFTs.

Enhanced marketing through staking

NFT Staking on the Earn Network goes beyond simple asset locking, serving as a powerful platform for collaborative marketing efforts. The ability to introduce unique incentives and partner with other entities for additional rewards creates a compelling narrative around your collection.

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