Rewards Eligibility Requirements

Learn about locking criteria of the rewards available on NFT Staking.

Special Access Rewards empower reward providers to enhance community engagement by setting precise conditions for reward eligibility. This selective strategy ensures rewards are allocated to users who are genuinely invested in the ecosystem.

Unlocking criteria

  • NFT locking time: Users must commit their NFTs within the pool for a specific duration, rewarding long-term participation.

  • NFT locking amount: Access to rewards requires locking a minimum quantity of NFTs, emphasizing significant contributions to liquidity.

  • NFT holding: Ownership of particular NFTs can unlock exclusive rewards, leveraging the unique value of digital collectibles.

  • Token holding: Maintaining a specified number of tokens in one's wallet qualifies users for certain rewards, broadening the participation scope.

Platform interface

Our intuitive interface transparently displays these criteria, simplifying the process for users to engage and meet the conditions for reward eligibility, enhancing the user experience and participation efficiency.

Benefits of special access rewards

Special Access Rewards serve as a powerful tool for creating focused and effective marketing campaigns within the NFT staking environment. By setting these conditions, you can drive desired actions, foster deeper engagement and reward your most active users. This approach not only enhances the value of your rewards by targeting them more effectively, but also strengthens the relationship between your project and its supporters, creating a more vibrant and involved community.

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