Future Developments

Earn Network's plans on how to enhance Prediction Markets in the next iterations.

Whitelisting to be able to automatically create bets without a review

Some users will be able to proceed with the market creation without Earn Network's internal review. This means that adding the prediction market to the platform will be much easier. In case of any issues with the market (details, logic, etc.) users will be able to report the market and gain $EARN (this will be deducted from the fee that the Market Creator pays to make the market live).

Various, new betting models for market creators

For the MVP, the logic behind the shares/token allocation is relatively straightforward. It relies on the simple allocation of shares for what you pay. Future models will (and optionally could) take into consideration parameters such as time, discounts and others to provide Market Creators with advanced options.

Withdrawal / trade of your bet

Whenever you place your bet you will be able to withdraw it or trade it on the open market with other users.

Increased findability of markets for participants

Robust tagging, up/down voting and a simple AI model can greatly enhance the amount of participants in popular markets. This would contribute to increased participaton and drive more liquidity to valuable prediction markets. Moreover, we would implement a rewarding option for people that would share the prediction market on their social media (that would additionally lead to bringing more participants).

VIP Markets available only for selected participants

Similarily as our Staking Pools can be limited to selected participants (via NFT holding, via whitelist, via minimum stake), Prediction Markets can be set by the Market Creators in the same way. In such scenarios, they could become an integral part of any marketing campaign or private betting.

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