Category Status: 🟢 Live, Launched: Beginning of Apr '24.

The Earn Network revolutionizes NFT staking, blending it seamlessly with traditional DeFi staking to expand the horizons of digital asset engagement. By incentivizing the holding of unique digital collectibles, it offers a novel way for users to diversify their portfolios and earn rewards. The focus is on the distinctive advantages of NFT staking, striving to create a secure, pioneering and intuitive platform.

  • Unlocking value from NFTs: NFT Staking on the Earn Network allows holders to generate rewards from their NFTs, turning idle digital assets into active contributors for portfolio growth.

  • Diverse staking pools: The platform supports the creation of staking pools for any NFT, inviting all types of digital collectibles to broaden the range of staking opportunities.

  • Extra community rewards: By incorporating additional incentives, like tokens and NFTs into staking pools, the Earn Network enhances the staking experience and fosters stronger engagement between projects and their communities.

  • Locking NFT supply: Staking NFTs within pools on the Earn Network stabilizes market presence by preventing premature sales and preserving the rarity and value of collections.

  • Versatile NFT staking options: Supporting both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs, the platform maximizes utility and earning potential across the entire NFT collection.

  • Multichain rewards: Offering rewards across various blockchains, NFT Staking provides a rich, diversified staking experience, making it accessible to a wider user base.

  • User-friendly interface: The platform ensures an effortless staking process with intuitive navigation and straightforward reward claiming, optimizing the user experience.

  • Decentralized and Self-Custodial: Focusing on security and transparency, the Earn Network empowers users with complete control over their assets through trustless, self-custodial staking solutions.

  • Customizable staking solutions: The flexibility to design staking pools with specific parameters on the Earn Network allows for a tailored approach, enhancing the staking experience to meet the unique needs of each NFT project.

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