Benefits for Validators

Bring in more revenue by enabling your validator on the Earn Network.

More delegations to your validator(s)

As of October 2023, the Earn Network platform and the associated custodial platform, MyCointainer, have surpassed a 400,000 total audience reach. That's a fantastic opportunity for you to increase delegations to your nodes and earn more fees from staking rewards.

Boost your social media presence by running cross-marketing campaigns

Very often we will help you have a warm entry to our ecosystem and jointly do a cross-promo campaign to let users know about your offering; which chains you support, your fees, performance and more.

Build your brand and recognition across the ecosystem

Once you're in our ecosystem your node and brands will grow. Users wiill be familar with your validator and may be willing to delegate to other nodes that you support.

Potential synergies with upcoming categories

Validators form the backbone of every blockchain network. With new upcoming categories we always aim to have strong relationships with validators to provide the best service and yield to Earn Network users.

Helping you with running a validator

We've accumulated a large experience of running validators on our own. We understand the nuts and bolts of what it takes to make a validator popular. Very often, we work directly with multiple partners and projects and can help maximise the efficiency and profits of your validator business.

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