For Appellants

Appellants are responsible for finding and reporting incorrect answers from already resolved bets by Market Validators. Anyone can become an Appellant to help detect prediciton markets that in rare cases could be resolved incorrectly. Some key characteristics of Appellants:

  1. Report incorrect answers: In order to report such incident, the user must lock a small % of the total bet size. This ensures that the case, which will take time to be analysed and 're-resolved', is worth spending on. Initially, this appeal will be analysed by an internal Earn Network team. In the later stages, a dedicated quorum of rotated ambassadors will be selected. They will also gain $EARN rewards from the market fees.

  2. 24 hours to appeal: When the prediction market reaches consensus (through Market Validators) the clock starts ticking. Anyone who wishes to appeal the selected outcome can start the appeal procedure. The clock stops when the last case is checked. During this period, all funds are maintained in the smart contract and can't be withdrawn by anyone.

  3. Gain market fees: As an Appellant you put your $EARN stake to the appeal not only to make your appeal worthy of analysis, but also to earn fees when your appeal is correct. These fees will be taken from Market Validators that haven't responded correctly in the prediction market.

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