Reward Requirements

In this section, we will walk you through the special type of rewards available on NFT Staking.

In NFT Staking, gaining access to exclusive locked reward pools necessitates fulfilling specific requirements, designed to foster a more engaged and dedicated community. These methods aim to reward users who demonstrate a commitment to the staking ecosystem through various forms of participation. The criteria for unlocking these special rewards are as follows:

  1. Locking coins for a specified time: Users must commit to locking their staking coins within the pool for a predetermined period. This requirement ensures that rewards are allocated to those who contribute to the stability and security of the network over time.

  2. Locking a minimum number of tokens: Access to certain rewards demands that users lock a certain quantity of tokens within the staking pool. This criterion aims to recognize and reward users who make significant contributions to the pool's liquidity.

  3. Holding a certain number of specified tokens: In addition to locking tokens, having a certain number of tokens in your wallet may qualify you for certain rewards, thus widening the scope of participation.

  4. Holding special NFTs that grant access: Ownership of specific NFTs can unlock access to exclusive reward pools. These NFTs act as a badge of participation and dedication, offering unique benefits and recognizing users' engagement with the DeFi platform.

Looking Ahead: In the future, we plan to introduce a wider array of locking methods and engagement campaigns, like whitelisting or usage of access codes. These innovations are designed to enhance user experience and participation in the DeFi ecosystem, offering even more ways to unlock rewards and benefits.

User interface and reward visibility

To ensure transparency and ease of access, our interface clearly displays all available rewards and the specific requirements needed to unlock them. Users can easily view what actions or criteria must be met to access each reward pool. This system is designed to simplify the process of reward eligibility verification, making it straightforward for users to understand how they can participate and benefit from various staking opportunities.

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