A leading DeFi + SocialFi marketplace of tomorrow, where anyone is able to create their own financial (and related) products with ease.

Create your DeFi storefront of tomorrow

Technology has transformed nearly all sectors of our lives. Yet only with the advent of blockchain technology did the long standing monolithic financial sector become ready for disruption. Hundreds of DeFi protocols demonstrated various use-cases where non-custodial solutions proved superior to already existing TradeFi services.

Imagine a world, in which anyone is able to create various financial products to deliver value for themselves and other participants of web3.

One of the best forms of connecting multiple participants together are marketplaces. Countless web2 examples across many sectors (Alibaba in manufacturing, in gaming, Zalando in fashion, OpenSea in NFTs...) thrive by providing a bespoke venue for peer to peer value exchange.

The Earn Network set a goal to create a leading DeFi + SocialFi financial marketplace. The closest analogy to web2 platforms would be a financial, on-chain Shopify .

We want to create a renowned and successful platform that gives equal opportunities to every participant. A place, where the investing experience will be as enjoyable as shopping or gaming, where people will get excited by looking for their next investment opportunity.

The summary of our solution:

  • The Earn Network is a platform that truly opens global money markets in a non-custodial manner. No hidden fees, middlemen, lengthy processes, paperwork, black boxes, visits to local branches, queuing, appointments, extra legal fees, prints, scans, letters or rubber stamps.

  • Enable 'no-code' solutions whereby more people can utilise secure and auidted templates to create their own financial products such us token staking pools, nft staking pools, prediction markets, indices and many more.

  • Provide an easy-to-use interface so that any investor can easily gain access to new types of yield bearing opportunities.

  • Prepare the financial marketplace to provide good synergy between DeFi and the centralized, traditional world by implementing categories such us RWA, tokenised investments and others.

  • Deliver a set of tools to ensure worldwide compliance and a secure environoment for everyone to transact.

  • Provide liquid tokens (enTokens) to maximise possibilities across various investment types.

Existing popular DeFi solutions can be overwhelming and too complicated for newcomers keen on profiting in a decentralised manner. We want to change that by delivering simple & intuitive solutions to onboard millions of users from the following categories:

The horizontal integration of the aforementioned categories would greatly help to maximise yields earned by the end-user in the form of staked $EARN tokens in the main EARN staking pool.

More details about each category are described further in this whitepaper.

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