Managing the Pool

Optimize staking with our platform's easy management and performance tracking.

Managing your pools

After your pool is saved, you will be able to see and manage it from your Creator Lab profile. There, you could also see the status of each pool and some metrics like the number of participants (stakers) and the amount of rewards left.

Clicking on a selected pool will take you to the pool summary which has the following elements:

  1. Pool info The pool info component presents crucial details of your pool, including the staking asset, blockchain used, visibility and the pool's status—active, awaiting payment, or finished. This information helps you easily monitor and assess your pool's key characteristics and current state.

  2. Pool summary In this section, you'll find a comprehensive summary chart containing all the essential information about your pool. This chart serves as a vital tool for overseeing pool performance and making informed decisions.

  3. Rewards provided by you Here, you are able to see and manage all the rewards provided by you. For detailed instructions on these operations, including setup and criteria for withdrawal, refer to the reward provider section of our whitepaper. Actions that you could perform here are:

  • Add new reward: Allows you to introduce new incentives to your pool, engaging participants with fresh opportunities.

  • Withdraw unused rewards: Enables the retrieval of rewards that remain unclaimed, optimizing the use of your resources.

  1. Community added rewards In this section, you can observe every reward provided by other Earn Network users, together with other parameters.

  2. Pool parameters

This section specifies the type of staking involved, indicating whether it's for DeFi staking or NFT staking.

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