Pool Creation Process

Find out how to simply set up a staking pool, boosting the utility of your token on the Earn Network.

Pool creation process

Creating a pool on the Earn Network is fast, simple, and anyone can do it. In order to create one, you simply have to use or build it via Creator Lab and follow these steps:

  1. Choose the category of the pool that you're creating. In this example, we will follow the creation process of the $EARN token staking pool, so the category is DeFi staking. If you want to create a staking pool for an NFT, please refer to our NFT staking pool creation process.

  2. Fill in the stake token information Select the correct blockchain and add the contract address of the asset that will be staked in the pool. Then click on save pool.

  3. Start adding rewards Enhance your pool's appeal by adding rewards, preferably before the launch for smoother integration. You can add rewards after saving the draft or even post-launch, though earlier additions yield better results. The entire process for incorporating rewards is thoroughly covered in the reward provider tutorial detailed in our whitepaper.

  4. Save the pool Once you've added all desired rewards or chosen to finalize them later, click "Save Pool" to make your draft available in the Creator Lab. Here, your pool awaits approval.

  5. Activate the pool Once your pool receives approval, it will be ready for activation, contingent upon completing the payment process. This payment can be made using USDT or, for 10% savings on activation fees, with EARN tokens.

  6. Promote the pool After the payment is processed, your pool will be operative on the Earn Network marketplace, accessible to all users. This is the perfect time to begin promotion and inform your partners that they can now contribute additional rewards.

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