Claiming Rewards

Discover the straightforward methods to claim your tokens from DeFi Staking pools.

Claiming all rewards on a specified chain

To claim your rewards effortlessly, simply navigate to the "Claim" tab. Here, you can select the specific blockchain you wish to claim rewards from using the chain selection feature, allowing you to harvest all accumulated rewards across different networks from the same staking pool. This streamlined approach saves time and simplifies the reward collection process.

Claiming rewards manually

For users who prefer a more hands-on approach to claiming their rewards, the Earn Network offers a manual claiming feature for each reward within the DeFi staking pools. This option provides the flexibility to claim rewards individually, catering to users who may have specific strategies or prefer to manage their rewards on a case-by-case basis.

Flexible reward claiming Users have the freedom to claim flexible rewards at any time as they are generated. This feature gives Earn Network stakers the versatility to tailor their claiming strategies to their investment goals, allowing for a more dynamic approach to reward management and asset diversification. Locked reward claiming For each locked reward, be it tokens or NFTs, you can initiate the claiming process as soon as the specific conditions set by the reward provider are met. The process is designed to be straightforward, enabling you to efficiently collect your earned rewards at the moment you achieve the set criteria for each particular pool.

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