Key Features

Key aspects that make the Earn Network's Lending product attractive.

The Earn Network contiously integrates new base layers / L1 chains to give you access to lend all your favourite tokens and earn interest on them. To check all available networks, simply visit the Earn Network homepage and click on the network selector. A supported blockchain means that a Borrower can borrow any token from that chain (effectively offering interest on that token to a Lender).

No lock-up period on your loan

When investing on a fixed loan, you will receive a share of tokens that represent your position. You're able to trade those tokens to exit your position. Now, you don't have to wait until the maturity date to redeem your funds - sell your tokens on the secondary market to other participants.

Investments that suit your needs

Earn Network pool creators have vast possibitlies to create borrowing pools. By browsing across different types of offers you will be able to pick a suitable investment. Many platforms have fixed or strict fees that you have to bear. Our marketplace model enforces competitions amongst the borrowers to deliver the best investment options to you.

Boost yield substantially with the use of your LP share token

When you make an investment you will receive an LP share token that you can now borrow against. This possibility will give you an option to earn another yield on top of the first yield. How is this possible? By simply using borrowed funds and allocating them into another intrest bearing offer.

User-friendly interface

The Earn Network platform features an intuitive user interface that facilitates a seamless interaction with deployed staking smart-contracts. Users can easily stake, unstake and claim rewards for supported assets, ensuring a smooth staking experience.

Decentralized and self-custodial

Built on decentralized smart-contracts, the Earn Network's DeFi Staking solutions prioritize transparency and security. Users maintain full control over their assets throughout the staking process, ensuring a trustless and self-custodial experience.

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