Most frequently asked questions

Q: How is MyCointainer affiliated with the Earn Network?

A: A few core members of MyCointainer have funded the Earn Network project as a natural extension of our vision. Rather than launching it under a closed ecosystem, we opted to build a separate, fully on-chain solution. Most importantly, it's a completely non-custodial place, where anyone can become a liquidity provider or a pool creator. The MyCointainer and Earn Network projects are two separate, non-affiliated companies. Nevertheless, considering our close ties with MyCointainer, there will be a mutual collaboration to benefit both projects by running multiple joint efforts. Eventually, the MyCointainer platform will become a usual 3rd party platform, similar to any platform that would like to utilise yields created by the Earn Network community. We believe, that from early 2024, we will start approaching custodial and non-custodial platforms, wallets & services to expand these connections. Third party platforms will benefit from the integration of our pools as a new service to their customers. At the same time, they will boost delegations to Earn Network's pools and bring even more value to pool creators.

Q: What are the utilities of the EARN token?

A: Please check the dedicate Token Overview page.

Q: Is the EARN Network going to support undercollateralised lending?

A: We belive that there's so much to be done in collateralised lending first. When we reach our objectives related to the undercollateralised lending subcategory, we will then focus on exploring undercollateralised lending.

Q: What's the business model of the Earn Network?

A: We charge fees from deployed pools. The fees will vary respective to their category.

Q: How do you limit the risk with global compliance standards?

A: We use a mixture of our own and 3rd party tools to spot the blacklisted addresses on chain.

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