Benefits for Borrowers

The core benefits for Individuals & Businesses to start borrowing via the Earn Network platform.

Unlimited possibilities for the lending pool

Borrow on your terms. You're able to set various parameters that fit into your needs. Some of those include: repayment schedule, APY, repayment token, borrowing token, collateralisation composition and much more.

Create and manage your loan effortlessy via a simple interface

From the moment you create a loan request until you repay the loan itself, you can manage everything with the tap of your finger - both through the PC and mobile versions of the Earn Network. The platform features an intuitive user interface that facilitates a seamless interaction with deployed staking smart-contracts. Zero coding knowledge required.

Create your own collateral composition

Mix multiple tokens to protect your loan more efficiently. Utilise various LP share tokens and LSDs (stETH, FXS...) to back your loan. Gain an opportunity to generate extra interest against your LP share tokens.

Self-custody & privacy

The entire process is fully managed by you. You will use audited smart-contracts to deploy your own lending pool. Only you are able to manage the pool, funds and collateral composition. No external, strict and unjustified requirements impact your decisions.

Accept offers on your terms

By default, you are protected by our on-chain monitoring system that doesn't allow bad actors (wallet addresses that are blacklisted) to invest. Moreover, upon the creation of the offer, you will be able to select the segment of users that may invest in your loan: Individuals (verified and unverified) and/or Businesses (verified).

Create your own profile and build your reputation

If you operate as a Borrower across mutliple venues, the Earn Network platform can become a good channel to build your brand, reputation and audience. No matter if you operate as an anonymous borrower or a verified one, your track record of loan repayments will be a guiding indicator for new customers to participate more frequenty in your offers. This benefit can be important for many KOLs, Businesses, DeFi Traders & others who value the strong support of an engaged community.

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