Benefits for Stakers

Bring in more revenue by enabling your validator on the Earn Network.

Cross-chain transactions

By default, you can participate in any given market with the following tokens:

  1. $USDT on 3 blockchains: Ethereum, BNB, Arbitrum

  2. $EARN on 2 blockchains: Ethereum + one more

  3. $TOKEN of market creator's choice (e.g $CHZ): Any EVM blockchain

Gain more shares on a bet when placing it via the $EARN token

Anyone that places a bet in the $EARN token will get 5% more shares in the bet that will enhance their payout ratio in case of final winning calculations. The simple scenario is that when 2 people place a bet with $100 and one pays in $USDT and the other in $EARN, the first person gets 100 shares, whereas the other person gets 105 shares.

Transparent and non-custodial

When the prediction market is deployed on-chain, no critical parameters that affect the bet can be changed. The data of bettors, stakes and the remaining range of information is visible to you at all times. You fund the market directly from your non-custodial wallet (such as MetaMask). Also, in case you win, all profits go directly to your wallet upon claiming them.

Ability to appeal

In very rare cases, the outcome decided by Market Validators may be incorrect. Anyone, including Stakers/Bettors, can appeal the decision of the winning outcome. If appealed correctly, you will also gain $EARN tokens that will be taken from Market Validators who answered incorrectly.

Intuitive experience and mobile support

We have put huge efforts into making your experience as smooth as possible. Starting from placing a bet to claiming your funds, all processes can be fulfilled in only a few clicks. You're able to also access and participate in a Prediction Market directly from your mobile's browser.

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