For Market Validators

Market Validators is our unique concept that we have coined. It refers to entities (users) that are able to verify the market by providing the correct answer from the available market outcomes. Such users would have to lock $EARN tokens into the prediction market they want to resolve, in return for earning part of the market fees. Some key characteristics of Market Validators:

  1. Resolve the prediction market: The main task for a Market Validator is to diligently find the correct answer from the specified outputs. Some Market Validators may have an edge to answer the prediction market due to their expertise or access to information. When the consensus (look point 3) is reached, no more answers can be sent to the market to resolve it. Such mechanism ensures that prediction markets are resolved as fast as possible.

  2. Have the 'skin in the game': By locking $EARN tokens, every market validator has their funds at stake. In the event that their answer is correct, they receive part of the market fees, otherwise, via the appeal procedure, they can lose it all.

  3. Consensus based on 1 + 'number of outcomes': Every bet has a certain amount of outputs that can be specified. In the initial version we set a max of 5. In such scenario, the maximum number of Market Validators in a given bet is 6, whereas the minimum is 3 (for the binary perdiction market).

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