Key Features

What makes the Earn Network's Prediction Markets product ideal for you.

Deploy your prediction market to any EVM blockchain

Our robust infrastructure allows you to capture untapped blockchains to deploy your prediction market on them. Whether you see a trend or opportunity in an emerging EVM blockchain or want to tap in to the already large EVM blockchain audience, we have you covered.

Set your own conditions including your own fees for your market

To create the ideal prediction market of your choice, we give you the ability to set your own fees, close the market before the end date and much more. Please remember, however, that once you deploy the market to the blockchain, the majority of important parameters can't be changed.

No initial liquidity requirement

To greatly boost the amout of prediction market available on the marketplace, we decided to skip this requirement entirely. With no liquidity needed to kick-start your market, you're able to create more markets than you otherwise would be able to (due to capital requirements).

Denominate the market in the currency (token) of your choice

This feature is primarily useful for projects & their ambassadors that want to create prediction markets for audiences that hold their token (e.g $CHZ). In such scenario, the allowed currencies for the market will be the following: $CHZ, $USDT and $EARN. Note, however, that all the fees distributed will be in $CHZ.

Cross-chain capabilities integrated to boost the inflow of the liquidity to your markets

By default, the liquidity that can be provided to your prediction market will be as follows:

  1. $USDT on 3 blockchains: Ethereum, BNB, Arbitrum

  2. $EARN on 2 blockchains: Ethereum + one more

  3. $TOKEN of your choice (e.g $CHZ): Any EVM blockchain

Easy management via simple interface

We took a great amount of time to make a very intuitive journey for you to create and manage your prediction markets. You, as a Market Creator, don't need to posess any technical knowledge to utilise our tools. The entire process of how to start, manage and withdraw your funds from the market you created is described on the next page: Market Creation Process.

Full support of market resolution from Market Validators & the Earn Network quorum

Before you deploy the market on-chain, it is going to be reviewed by the Earn Network Team. We will ensure that all parameters and the way you defined the prediciton market is in tact (e.g can it be resolved? is the proper category assigned?...). Also, you don't need to worry about the resoluton of the bet since Market Validators take care of that part.

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