Future Developments

The Earn Network's future plans on how to enhance the DeFi Staking product even more.

Introduction of the Flash Pools

The introduction of Flash Pools on the Earn Network will bring time-limited staking opportunities with exceptional rewards. These pools, locked by codes, will be established in collaboration with influential figures in the industry, giving users a chance to access and earn higher yields within a short period.

Community-Contributed Rewards

In the forthcoming update to the DeFi Staking category, the Earn Network is set to introduce a feature that will significantly enhance the staking ecosystem: community-contributed cross-chain rewards. This new functionality will allow the addition of rewards from various blockchains to existing staking pools. As a result, creators of staking pools will benefit from an influx of additional rewards for their assets, enriching the value proposition of their programs.

Simultaneously, providers of these rewards will gain valuable exposure to a dedicated community of stakers, fostering a symbiotic relationship that enhances the staking experience for all participants. This innovation not only broadens the earning potential for asset holders but also strengthens the connection of the blockchain environment, paving the way for a more integrated and versatile DeFi landscape.

NFT Staking System

The Earn Network has ambitious plans to enhance its DeFi Staking solutions with new features. The roadmap includes expanding support for additional networks and providing users with a wider range of staking options, including the NFT staking possibility to earn rewards in tokens and other NFTs.

With these future plans, the Earn Network aims to solidify its position as a trusted and innovative platform for yield-earning opportunities. The team remains committed to delivering value to users and supporting the growth and success of the Earn Network ecosystem.

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