Staking implementation

The quick way to equip your project with a staking solution.

1. 📈 Planning your staking solution

To begin, carefully consider the network on which you want to deploy your staking pools. The Earn Network currently supports pools on a per-asset basis, allowing you to focus on one network for each asset. Additionally, you have the option to launch either Locked or Flexible staking pools, or even both.

2. 💬 Contacting the Earn Network and establishing details

Reach out to our experienced team to have your tokens & NFTs listed among the assets available on the Earn Network. During our conversation, we will discuss your plans, review your desired staking mechanisms and collaborate on establishing the appropriate staking pool fees. This initial discussion ensures that we are aligned with your goals and sets the stage for the next steps.

3. 🤝 Requesting pools through the Earn Network dApp

Take the next step by conveniently transferring your established plans into our Earn Network Staking Creation dApp. This application allows you to input all the necessary details for both Locked and Flexible pools separately. Once your request is submitted, our team will receive it and within a maximum of 24 hours, we will review and accept or reject it.

4. 🔍 Earn Network review and approval

After submitting your request, our dedicated team will promptly review and consider it. We understand the importance of timely responses and within a maximum of 24 hours, we will provide our decision to accept or reject your request.

5. ✅ Confirmation and activation of the pool

Upon receiving Earn Network's confirmation, you will receive an email containing a link to activate your pools. To complete the process, simply follow the instructions provided and approve the necessary transactions. Once the transactions are processed on the blockchain, your pools will be activated and ready for use.

6. 🎉 Pool visibility on the Earn Network

Congratulations! With the completion of the activation process, your pools will become visible on the Earn Network platform. Users will be able to discover and engage with their staking pools, contributing to the growth and success of their project.

With Earn Network's streamlined staking implementation process, you can easily bring your staking pools to life and engage with a wide audience of stakers. Our platform offers convenience, transparency and efficient management tools, empowering you to maximize the benefits of staking for your project.

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