Category Status: 🟢 Live, Launched: Beginning of May '23.

The DeFi Staking category is up and running, available on the Earn Network platform under this link.

DeFi Staking on the Earn Network is part of a broader vision to simplify and democratize finance by offering user-friendly, decentralized financial products and services. Through constant innovation and collaboration, the platform is poised to become an essential player in the DeFi space.


  • Broad Asset and Network Support: The Earn Network supports a variety of base-layer networks and a wide array of projects, allowing users to stake and get rewarded with their preferred digital tokens. The platform is continuously integrating more assets, offering new or improved staking mechanisms.

  • Diverse Staking Methods: Users have the flexibility to choose between Flexible and Locked Staking pools based on their individual needs and investment strategy, catering to both short-term and long-term investors.

  • Incentivized Participation by NFTs: The Earn Network is integrating NFTs as additional rewards for token staking or as a requirement asset to be eligible to stake into a particular pool. This not only enhances the user experience but also stimulates and encourages users to engage with the projects' ecosystems.

  • Robust Security: The Earn Network employs audited smart contracts for all staking processes, offering robust security that gives both users and projects peace of mind regarding the safety of their investments and operations.

  • Community Engagement: DeFi Staking acts as a channel to increase community interaction, helping projects boost their user engagement and community growth.

  • Ease of Implementation: Earn Network will soon introduce a Software Development Kit (SDK) that will allow projects to incorporate its DeFi Staking solution as a white-label service on their websites and platforms.

  • Project Efficiency: Our DeFi Staking solution aids projects in achieving their objectives faster, saving them time, cost and effort while increasing their ability to offer yield-earning services to their audiences.

  • Bridging the Gap: The Earn Network creates a yield bridge between projects and third-party services like MyCointainer. It opens up new possibilities for both non-custodial and custodial platforms wanting to offer earning services.

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